Tiny fonts in embedded webpage

Can someone suggest a fix for the tiny fonts that appears on my wordpress site with embedded spreadshirt collection. Fonts on my header and title page are fine, but everything on the spreadshirt template is unreadable (ie, descriptions, prices, links, etc).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I’m having the save issue - were you able to resolve it on your end?

You have to set font and font-size via css. You can do it in your shop settings.


#sprd-main { font-size: 100% }

Really appreciate your response. However I am not sure where it is I have to change the shop settings. Is it in my webpress general setting, on the spreadsheet webpage or in my spreadsheet shop (and if so where do I put the code). Sorry but I am new at css and am very grateful for your help. I have been trying all sorts of different ways to add the code, none of which helps. I believe it’s the theme in my wordpress that is causing the small font size, but all the rest of the pages are in that theme so I don’t want to change it. The multiple theme plug-ins I have installed do not work.

It should be possible if you create a child theme and edit the CSS there.

you may use this plugin https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/simple-custom-css/ and add the given code there or use google and search for “wordpress custom css” :slight_smile: