Unable to create a hat

Trying to create a cap. I read here on the Forums and the vector optimization guide that the design for a cap must be in vector format with up to 3 colors separated into layers with no more than 200 anchor points per color and not larger than 15x15 with recommended size 11x11. I have a 11x7 in ai file which met all requirements but when I upload it the system only recognizes a single color, black, which doesn’t even appear in the design. Also I read in the forums that the size of the vector must be the same as the desired print and not exceeding the cap print area. Is this correct? If so, what is the size of the print area for a cap (and for the other products)? Where can I find this information? Please advise. I really want to create a cap! :slight_smile: Thanks

Hmm, our designer specialist is unfortunately not in the office. The best would be to get in touch with our design service: designs@spreadshirt.com.


Maybe I can help :slight_smile:
Sometimes you have to play with the colors and file types. Eg. use 3 different colors like blue, black, red or similar - very distinctive colors - to achieve the color recognition.
You can also try to export as svg and upload in that format, instead of ai.

But in most cases there are hidden paths or obsolete paths, when you did use the pathfinder. These are causing those and similar problems. Did you check your design and layers for that kind of paths?


Thank you for your response. I tried everything you suggested but the colors are still not being recognized. I may contact the design service as advised by the other mod.

Please do contact them :slight_smile: They’ll gladly help!