Uploading .svg file... keeps saying "error"

Hi darlins, I’m new and a complete tech numpty- so have patience with me! I’m just trying to get my designs onto merchandise and don’t have a clue what I’m doing. I’ve converted one of my files from a transparent layer png, into a svg and trying to upload it to spreadshit… and I keep getting “Sorry an error has occurred”… with no explanation of what said “error” is! the graphic is 1.7mgs… is that the problem? is the file too large?

Last night I tried to upload just the transparent layer of a png file, but the graphic of course had that lovely cute grey and white check behind it… and I couldn’t tell if the transparency “checkering” was transferring over to the merchandise or not?




I’ll have to get our design specialist @Julia-Spreadshirt to answer this :sweat_smile:

Otherwise, we have some design resources in our FAQ:

And you can always send your design over to our design team so they can check it out for you: designs@spreadshirt.net.

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Hey, can you send me your Partner-ID that I can have a look on the files?

Same happening to me for a .svg file that seems to be completely okay in my eyes. What can I do?

Hey @tuxedojoe,

could you send me your svg-file via private message? I can check what the problem is.

Hello…Im having the same problem too. Please help.

Ahoy @Aiswarya,

do you still have issues with uploading svg-files? If so please send me your file and I can check it.

Best Rico

I have this problem also, with design files I downloaded from my old shop when I closed it. I can’t upload them to my new shop! What’s the solution? I’m using a Samsung Android tablet, don’t have a laptop.

If you are using svg files it is importatn to have a look into the saving settings. There must be a setting called CSS-Attributes (or something like this). In Illustrator you have to chose “Presentation Attributes” in this field.
There should be a similar option in other graphic software too.