Use different sales channels for different commission!

As expected, there were many questions and some fair criticism in the thread “The new commission model.” In response, I’d like to clearly outline the alternative sales channels here in this thread.

The different sales channels offered by Spreadshirt all have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to decide which of them you would like to use. This is a place for you to discuss these channels and share experiences, positive or negative.

CYO / Create Your Own:

You cannot select this sales channel separately - it is included in the Marketplace sales channel. Once you have selected the Marketplace, you will automatically sell in the Customize Tool as well.

There have been many objections here to the fixed design price (regardless of the product). You have the option to turn off this channel if you prefer.

To do so, please write an email to and put “CYO OptOut” in the subject line.

Be aware that this step will affect ALL of your designs. It is not possible to remove individual designs from the Customize Tool.

External marketplaces:

We select the designs for external marketplaces such as Amazon - you do not have the option to select this channel. But if you don’t want to offer your designs on this channel anymore because you don’t agree with the commission or the channel in general, please write an email to and put “EMP OptOut” in the subject line.

This will also affect all products that you offer on the external marketplaces.

Spreadshirt Marketplace:

On the marketplace, there is no fixed design price for all products like there is in the CYO area, but rather a product-specific rate. For more expensive products, there is a correspondingly higher commission amount than for lower-priced products.

At the same time, we have ensured that customers no longer have to click on the “Personalize” button to get to the Create Tool. The traffic here is generated entirely by us. The advantages and disadvantages have been and will be discussed in the other thread. The commission per product can be found here:


If you want to have more freedom to control your earnings than the Marketplace allows, you have the possibility to open a SpreadShop. With Spreadshop, you decide your commission amount for each product, but you are also completely responsible for your own traffic. In short: More freedom but also more work.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our colleagues in the ShopForum:

SPOD (Shopify):

Besides the Spreadshop, there is also SPOD, where you can register with a Shopify account and run a store through that platform. At the moment this only works with an American Shopify account. Products would therefore have to be shipped from the USA to Europe, but the European version will go live this year. You can find more information here: