Vector Art No Longer Uploading Correctly



Been having a really hard time the past week or two of uploading vector images. It has been picking the image and ignoring the text completely. Please know I have been with Spreadshirt for 10+ years so I’m not a noob.

In the attached example it only recognized PART of the text. Other times it doesn’t recognize ANY text. And it doesn’t just change the text to something different it just IGNORES it completely.


I have TONS of examples of how things no longer work correctly. The only way to make them work is to make the fonts into an image and no longer text. This was not required until very recently. This creates a lot more work.

Please advise. Thanks



did you try file format .ai with text as paths?



I understand that you can make everything paths. But that is a MAJOR pain. it then requires that I save multiple versions of files, one to have an editable file and another to upload on Spreadshirt. The management of all the files is not practical.

The issue here is that something broke recently for uploads which makes this all not work correctly anymore.


Hm, I started my business with spreadshirt in 2011 and it was always like this.

Either you convert everything into paths or save the file as a pixel graphic. Spreadshirt doesn’t have all the fonts or rights to use the fonts you may use in your vector graphics, that’s why they can’t provide that.

Here are some details on how to prepare the vectors:

Are you sure, you always did like that?

@Thomas_Spreadshirt wasn’t it always like that?


Ever since 2006 when I joined.
nuff said.


I respectfully disagree with you both. I have also been on here since 2005 and something changed. What used to be normal uploads with fonts do not work like before. Something has changed and the system is super wonky now. You can even tell in my example it caught part font but not ALL font. What you are describing that happens sometimes is that it can’t read the font and I get it when that happens but that’s not ALL the time. What used to be 1 out of 15-20 designs is now 14 out of 15 don’t upload correctly.


would you mind posting a screenshot or a short screencast of this behaviour? Otherwise we cannot confirm or find the reason for your reported malfunction.
Even a testfile would help us.

many thanks in advance!