W-8BEN-E Form, how to fill it in correctly?

So i have the W-8BEN-E form in front of me. I am representing a business in Canada, a partnership.

Part 1 - 1&2 - I put our company name and our country

Part 1 - 3 - I left this blank

Part 1 - 4 - I checked Partnership

Part 1 - 5 - I have no clue which box to check here???

Part 1 - 6&7 - I put our company address.

Part 1 - 8 - I put our Foreign Business Number in the (b) section

Part 1 - 10 - I put our Partner ID number.

All the other pages, there is checkboxes. Which ones do i fill out?? Would be nice if there was a sample form to follow for a company from outside US.

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Could this be of help to you?

This does tell me what form i need to fill out, but once i open the form i am stuck at Part 1 section 5. Im not sure what box to check and then the other pages i have no clue what to put. I was told by spreadshirt to hire an accountant/tax person to go through it and fill it out.

That might would not be the worst idea. I’m afraid I can’t really give you more information - I don’t know your speficic case and I’m not that well versed in US Taxation (not to mention I can’t give legal advice :sweat_smile:).

Google might be your friend here, but a tax specialist might be your safest bet. You might even find one online…

Like you could start by checking out Upwork:


This is incredibly stupid in my opinion. Spreadshirt should make this easy. I am a company outside USA (a partnership) and nothing more nothing less. I chose this on the application. the other questions dont even make sense at all. In Part 1-5 Chapter 4 Status (FATCA status) (See instructions for details and complete the certification below for the entity’s applicable status.) Which one do i pick? If i can just pick one here then i should be good

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I see your point, but telling you anything more would be giving you legal advice and I’m afraid I can’t do that :woman_shrugging:

You may have the wrong form
try https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw8bene.pdf

Just came across your thread, I’m based in New Zealand and this form makes no sense. U.S taxpayer identification number??? I’m not a U.S citizen… hence the form in the first place… how did you end up getting on with this form?