Walkthrough on how to link Analytics e-commerce Data with adwords conversion tracking?



I’m trying to get adwords conversion tracking back online since they had to remove our ability to add custom tracking JS. It seems like it should be a piece of cake to use the e-commerce data being sent to our analytics accounts, but for the life of me I can’t seem to figure out how.

Googling the problem keeps on bringing up the same solution: Make sure your accounts are linked, and you have auto tagging on (check, and check) then in adwords hit tools > conversions > + > import and select the goals you want to import.

The problem is that in the import area it’s only showing google analytics “goals” as import options, but the “goal” system in analytics seems to be separate from the ecommerce system. And the only goals available for import on that page are the ones I’ve created manually, not anything generated by the ecommerce data sent from Spreadshirt. So I either need to find a different way to import ecommerce data to adwords, or a way to create a new goal in analytics that is triggered by the ecommerce data (then import that goal).

Any clues on how to do either of those?




I´d love to help you out. Just for my understanding, can you describe the usecase you have in mind, when inserting GA data into AdWords?
Not sure if I can provide the final answer, but I´d like to understand why you won´t track your ad performance in GA itself, but in reverse…



Sure, because if the conversion are being tracked by adwords itself, then adwords can use that data directly to enable their smart bidding options (target CPA, enhanced CPC, and target ROAS).

I don’t just want t see the results of my campaigns, I want adwords to use that data to improve my campaigns algorithmically.



Solid reason, Jeremy.

Phew, I need to check back with someone from the Marketing team, if we have any expertise on that.

[EDIT] Unfortunately most of our experts are working with Adobe products that´s why I can´t give you any valuable hints. I think, it´s now up to Google´s service crew to sort things out.
But maybe you can keep us updated on your insights.