Want to edit Tags on individual product pages

I want to edit Tags on individual product pages.
I really need that.


Hey @Bass_Custom_Prints,

you can only edit tags on designbasis within your partnerarea.
Why would you need it on productbasis?

Tags vary from product to product.

Please guide to reach out Tags on Design basis…It would be great if I find some edition option there.

Hey @Bass_Custom_Prints,

as already mentioned - there is only one option to set the tags of a design. Those tags will be used for every product.
I still dont understand why the tags vary from product to product? Do you set the producttype as tags? This is not neccessary.

In my case, Tags are not same for each product. I don’t want to see any Tags at product level.
What should I do?

Unfortunatly there is no way to do that.