What is the print dimensions for the Unisex Jersey T-Shirt by Bella + Canvas Tee


I was wondering what the printing dimensions are for the Unisex Jersey T-Shirt by Bella + Canvas tee. I want to make a preset in Photoshop to be the actual printing size of the tee so I can create designs that fit perfectly when uploaded.

Ahoy @User_NA-d2923f84,

why would you want to optimise your designs only for one specific product? I would advice you to create designs, that fit for a wide range of products. Every single product of our assortment has a slightly different printarea. If you optimise your design only for a single product it could look strange on other products. It would only make sense to optimise it for one single product if you dont want to offer any other products. But in this case this will significantly reduce your chances of selling.

You could just use our filetemplates and have a look at our requirement-info to create your designs:

But of course I can give you the measurement of the printareas for this product anyway:
Front: 33.96x39.96 cm
Back: 35.08x39.91 cm
Sides: 9.44x11.43 cm

Let me know if you need further help.
Best Rico