What is your opinion on the new "About us" Page in the Spreadshop

Hey guys,

In case you haven’t noticed. We released a new “About us” Page in the Spreadshop (it was about time… :wink: ) and we’re very curious to hear your feedback.

You can find the new page under Edit Shop > Pages > About us

What do you like? What other elements do you want to see on the “About us” page?

Let us know so we can improve it so it fits YOUR needs in the best way possible.


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Hello Lena! Your “about us” page looks very awesome and informative!
I’ve also have some suggestions you might like and it actually might improve sales. The “customize it” button next to product, people are looking at, is barely visible, I’d change it’s color to red or blue.

Can you post a screenshot of the button you mean exactly?

You do know that you can change the color scheme of your shop on an individual basis, right?

I was talking about your button on marketplace, I think it’s blending with the entire page. But it’s up to you of course to change it or not :slight_smile:

This is a totally different topic concerning the Marketplace. I’ve forwarded your feedback!