When will the new partner area come to old accounts?

I have accounts on Spreadshirt.com and Spreadshirt.co.uk.

I use the new partner area on Spreadshirt.co.uk site and stuck with the old partner area on the US site. Although there are things that you can do in the old partner area that you cannot do in the new partner area, like you can select individual products in the old partner area as opposed to product groups in the new partner area, however, it takes more time and effort to upload a design and put it on products in the old partner area. Hence, i would really want to use the new partner area in my US account. Have you got plans to do so in the near future?


We are currently “mapping out” the possibility to migrate the users from our old legacy accounts to the new ones, but it’s a very complex thing to do. If you don’t have heaps of designs in your shop, my recommendation would be to just start up a new account for the .com and just ditch the old one.

Hey Sara,
I can wait for the accounts to be mapped. I am not in a hurry. :smiley: Mapping to the new accounts won’t break the product links. So the developers should look into it. They can however skip the complex parts like not mapping custom text products and all.

Thanks for asking that question! I’d be happy to change over but I really need the ability to add the categories as I base all my marketing on sharing specific designs to specific groups. Is there another way of splitting out and sharing sets of designs in the new partner area?

Except from creating different shops or new accounts?

So you are really suggesting to start all over, with a new account, new email, start a shop completely from zero again?

What is the main difference between the old and the new accounts?

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If you don’t have tons of individual designs or multiple shops and are very, very eager to use the new interface - yeah, I’d say that’s the way to go. Regarding migration (which is a hot topic across our platforms and internally, too): we are currently mapping out 3-5 different scenarios and then assessing them.

I can tell you some general things that I really like - but you can also make a test account with a second email-address and try it out without commitment :wink:

So, my favourite things about the current partner area (though there are surely even more):

  • It’s easier, faster and more intuitive to use.
  • The design is no longer from the 90s.
  • You can edit several designs at the same time (design price, keywords etc)
  • You can upload multiple designs at the same time.
  • With just a few clicks, you can add your designs on a variety of product groups / products without having to create each product individually
  • Yet: with our upcoming release - you will be able to still create & edit individual products, should you want to
  • New products are automatically added to the selected product groups and are directly available in the shop
  • With product deactivations, there are substitute products available
  • You can publish posters
  • You can publish at the same time in the shop (s) and on the marketplace
  • There are no more multiple places where metadata of a design can / must be changed.
  • There are keyword suggestions.
  • You can see at a glance where your design is published - including metadata & price.
  • There are more features in the shop: e.g. color and size filter (see screenshot)
  • Also for shops: better automatic & manual product sorting (different customizable sorting modes & also a manual drag & drop sorting - see screenshots)

Sorting options for shop:

Size & Colour filters in Shop:

Product groups & posters:

And the best difference… the current partner area is constantly being developed. It will only get better.

As you know, we will be introducing themes for design categorisation and the feature for single product creation will released still this month.

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Hey there. Now that shop owners have got the power to take control of their products in the new partner area, https://www.spreadshirt.com/blog/2018/07/17/youve-got-the-power-take-control-of-your-products/ , I want to ask if you guys will start mapping the old accounts to the new partner area. Since the new partner area is refined now and i will have greater control over my products in the new partner area, it does not feel right to get stuck in the old partner area.


Hi @Chirayu,

No not yet. It will take some time before we start this process. We will keep you posted on our blog!

How do I obtain a older (‘legacy’) account? I love the functionality of the old accounts but hate the limits of the new one.

Maybe someone sells one, but it isn’t possible to switch or register an old one.

@Sara @Lena_Spreadshirt I’m on the old interface and considering starting over on the new interface. (I have about 90 designs up.) Sara, you recommend ditching the old account after the new is created. What happens to all of the links that have been shared on Pinterest and other platforms. They die, don’t they. Doesn’t seen like a good solution. May I create a new account on the new interface and keep the old one so the links remain good?

i can help u with this, send me an email to talk about this krisjacksongamer@gmail.com

Unless you can replace the links on the posts… yeah the links die. It’s obviously not ideal…

Well, sure. You’re not obliged to close the old account, but the links will direct to your old shop in any case…

@Lena_Spreadshirt @Sara How is progress coming along to move legacy accounts to the new partner area? I’m still waiting and would love an update. Can you share a deadline?

You’ll receive more info in March. American accounts will be migrated sometime this summer (most likely July).


Thank you @Lena_Spreadshop! I’m really looking forward to uploading to new area.

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