Why are 3 of my designs not showing up in my shop?

Last night I had 18 live designs, but now I only have 15. One of them has the same wording as another pair of designs on the shop but has stars instead of hearts or feet. I have no messages like they were rejected or anything. All 3 missing are ones I created from scratch. All made with Canva and exported with high resolutions, transparent backgrounds, etc.

Sorry, I’m new to this, and stressed as I’m hoping to start publicising my niche shop within the next week.

Hey @User_NA-55a063c8,

As all of your designs still should be in your Partnerarea - can you please send me the DesignID of the 3 missing designs in your shop? You will find the DesignID if you click on a design and then click on the “more info” symbol right under the preview of that design.

I will check what`s going on.

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Thank you! They still exist on the back-end, but are not in the live shop.

Design ID: 1032356264
Design ID: 1032350546
Design ID: 1032346023

I’ve figured out that if someone hits Customize and Designs they all show up there, but on the main All Designs page the 3 are missing.

I’d love to know what’s up and how to fix it so All Designs really shows all designs to potential customers. I have others I’d like to upload as well.

On the back-end if I go into settings to Sort Designs only those same 15 show up as well, with the 3 missing. But the missing 3 are in my main Designs page where I manage the designs’ information.

Hey @User_NA-55a063c8,

I forwarded the issue and need to wait for the feedback. It seems to be a bug as I cant find any mistake yet. I’ll let you know if I have further information.

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Thank you @Rico_Spreadshirt

You’re welcome!

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I am having an issue as well, just uploaded 2 new designs, and update a few of my designs to have more selections and they are not updated on my actual page

design id
and this last one I updated to have more choices but
they are not showing

Hey @User_NA-4cb62946,

there is a bug we’re still trying to fix. Your designs will be online hopefully today. Let me know if this is still not the case tomorrow. And sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Rico

I’m dealing with this issue now. Was there ever a fix??

Ahoy @User_NA-0ae56d89,

you only published your designs in your shop so that is why you cant search them on our marketplace. To publish it on our marketplace you need to add it as a point of sale by clicking on the plus-symbol on the side navigation of your partnerarea.
Let me know if you need further help.


I am a new seller and I uploaded my first design on Spreadshirt.com last Friday. It has been three days since I uploaded my design, but it is still shown in the review section. I uploaded a high-resolution image with a size of 4000 x 4000 pixels.