WooCommerce Integration via API

Hey there,

we want to sell some products via spreadshirt in a woocommerce shop. Unluckily it seems like there is no plugin for this. As we are selling some other products in the shop too via woocommerce, it would be pretty nice when there was the possibility to work with spreadshirt as with usual dropshipping businesses. The spreadshirt wordpress plugin, which is available makes it impossible for users to buy f.e. a shirt and another product of our shop which makes the usability very unprogressive.

Is it possible that customers can have goods from several suppliers (including spreadshirt) in their shopping cart and pay for them without sacrificing usability?

Thanks in advance

Hi @AlexDue,

are you talking about the Marketplace or Spreadshop? Becaus it sounds to me like a shop related question please ask my colleagues in the Spreadshop forum:

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