Wordpress API plugin


I want to embed my shop into a website using Spreadshirt’s Wordpress API plugin but I want to see how it looks first etc. Has anyone else done this? Can you send me links? What was your experience?


As far as I know, there’s a lot you can do with it.

Here’s one shop as an example:


And for any other forum dwellers, this is what we’re talkign about:



or https://www.mommyshirt.com - depending on the plugin you’re talking about :slight_smile:


Any actual working shops using the Spreadshop plugin? This site’s history.


Yes there are many sites using Spreadshop Plugin and WP-Spreadplugin.

The Spreadshop Plugin is a little helper for those who can’t embed the javascript code provided here:

If you specify your request, I can help better :slight_smile:


Yeah I think we’d need a little more information from you to be able to help you :thinking:


Just an FYI - The new “Account Settings” link under your account NO LONGER provides a link to the API Key if you have already applied for one, I just spent 30 minutes looking for the link, and somehow through a Google Search found the link. This is the page it is on - https://www.spreadshirt.com/userarea/-C6840

I also have several shops using the Spreadplugin. It is hard for me to say how well it works because none of the shops I’m using it with seem to be generating any sales… I’m going to be setting up two more today, and I will be redirecting the spreadshirt stores to my websites so there won’t be any confusion as to where someone is making a purchase from (spreadshirt subdomain vs. my website with plugin) so… we will see… Sales seem to have gotten a little better recently for me but it is hard to track where the sales are coming from.


have you thought about using Google Analytics or the Facebook Pixel at least?
Both can help you to understand where visitors where coming from, in case you are marketing your shops in front of any audience.


I was under the impression Google Analytics was a paid service, but it seems they have a free service… I may look into it… I’m familiar with Pixel… but I think all my shops that I have separate websites for don’t get as many sales as the straight Spreadshop - I think this has to do with the SEO of the individual product pages, the Spreadplugin for WordPress only generates a product ########## url instead of the product title being in the url… I already made the suggestion to Thimo on the other thread to see if this can be updated… but it isn’t visitors I’m worried about, it is if I’m getting sales through the Spreadplugin as opposed to the direct shop (technically if I’m re-directing the shop to the website they should be through the plugin) - that is what I would like to see… ON A REALLY OLD NOTE… Back in the day I had friends order through my shop - and I wasn’t getting credit for the sales! This was looked into and I was told by Spreadshirt they got it through a different shop which was impossible because I sent them the link to my shop… and that is where they ordered from… as far as they could tell they were ordering from my shop, but I had problems with this on several occasions… bug was never found, or rather, blame was always placed on “user error” so you can understand my concern…


erm. I have troubles in understanding your question or addition.
Can you please specify your question in 1-2 sentences?

Sorry :smiley:


Just trying to figure out if customers are ordering from my Wordpress site with the plugin, or if they are ordering from the Spreadshop url.


Ah, ok! :smiley:
You have set up a redirect from your standalone shop URL shop.spreadshirt.com/examplemerch to your WP domain. Then all visitors are redirected to your WP site anyway.
The shop itself is documenting every visit through your embedded tracking method. (FB Pixel or GA)
These are tracking the events within the shop, independent of where the shop is displayed.

If you want to know if the standalone shop or the WP website version is working better,
you probably need to set up 2 Properties in Google Analytics. One for your shop. One for your Website.

1) Shop Property
This one will track sales & visits on your standalone shop

  • Create a property in GA for your standalone Shop URL: shop.spreadshirt.com/xxxx
  • add the propery ID to the web analytics form inside the shop admin

2) WP Page Property
This one will track movements on your pages.

  • Create a new property
  • insert the GA tracking code snippet into the header section of your webpage

When done so, you are able to follow the browising behavior of people in your shop and on your page seperately