Wordpress Plugin Won't Load Shop

my shop will only be shown when I refresh my page. Otherwise, it just shows a blank page. I set up the page it to be directed to. I have matching URL’s with the plugin setup, my Spreadshirt shop and where it is all pointing to. I also put in my ID correctly as well as have it on NA for united states. I tried this with a custom link in my menu header for WordPress as well and it still didn’t work. if anyone can please help me the URL to the site is https://silentdiscosex.com/merch

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It works for me. I see you shop and can browse through the products :slight_smile:

No it doesnt. I tried it in all web browsers and so did my friends they say it doesnt nd they have to refresh it to work as well. I dont understand?!!!

From our developers, the problem lies with the Wordpress theme you chose.

The theme you are using navigates between pages by doing an ajax-request and replacing the content. This causes the problem that the javascript that should load the shop is not getting executed. Please ask the author of the theme if there is an option to disable ajax loading for a specific page or how it is possible to execute scripts after the navigation has occurred.

ok, I probably have the same problem - so the other way around, @Lena_Spreadshop, can you tell me 3 Wordpress themes that work with Spreadshop plugin?

nearly every theme like the default wordpress ones, avada, fluida and so on works well :slight_smile:

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You may also try none javascript shop integrations like WP-Spreadplugin. It’s a different approach using the Spreadshirt API.

thank you for your suggestion! - I did it with Spreadplugin (no java) and it did not work. But I may try now your theme suggestions!

Ok, if you want to try spreadplugin again, let me know :slight_smile: