Wouldn't it make sense to offer mix bags of pins?

We were pretty excited to put our pin designs up on our Spreadshop. A quick look told us that pins are sold in sets of five, so we prepared five designs for both available sizes. We were a little appalled then, to find that it is only possible to sell sets of pins with the same design on all five.

Wouldn’t it make more (or equal) sense to allow for “mix bags” of pins with all different designs? Proud as we are of our graphics, we find it difficult to persuade our customers to buy five identical pins when they’re unlikely to wear or use more than one. As it is we encourage customers to pool orders for all pin designs with four friends, but we shouldn’t really have to resort to workarounds, should we?

On the technical side, we realize the current number of pins available in a set exceeds the number of designs allowed in the multiple design area interface, but we are confident that Spread’s developers can find a tenable solution to that quibble. Surely this option would be a more attractive (and practical!) asset to the platform as well as to shop owners :slightly_smiling_face: