Yet another feature request: Google Seller Ratings integration

Howdy howdy,

I see you have some kind of seller rating integration already in place for Spreadshirt, but it would be a great help for us sellers if we could also enter our Google Merchant ID somewhere and you could pass seller ratings data along to our accounts when appropriate.

The seller rating ad extensions are a pretty big deal for people trying to advertise via Google Ads. And the seller rating system through them seems to work quite a few third party solutions (see the bottom of this page):


Hey Jeremy,

We will definately have a look into the option. Thanks for the idea.


One additional question!
Do you already have a seller rank available?

I do not currently, no. You need to have 100 reviews to achieve a seller rank, and it doesn’t appear possible to get any without being able to embed custom code in the checkout page (even through the third party options I saw). So I haven’t even set it up n my end yet through my merchant center account.

Allright. I just asked for my own interest.
Personally, I tried another approach of collecting user reviews on my WordPress page, to see if I can use these to create rich cards/rich snippets. My goal was to have the star ranking available at the search result page for my shop.
This has been more like a workaround but for creating trust building elements, it was somekind of a cheap trick getting into this direction.
To be honest, my traffic was too low to gather more than 100 reviews, so I stopped. :wink:

Until we have an estimation of how&when to implement this for shop owners, you could try to find yourself a nice review tool, implement it on a certain page and tell google to index it as a review page.

For all the readers:
this is what we are talking about:

Sweet, I’ll check this out! Thanks.