You can actually sell in 18 countries from your own domain name using embedded shops

While making my new shop,, I realised spreadshirt does something that no other POD does. I am able to sell in 18 countries through embedded shops from my own domain name, All shops are translated into their native language, with country specific information for payment options, shipping options and support. Isn’t that amazing? Of course, this is not the usual way that Spreadshirt suggests because in shop options, spreadshirt has a field to enter the address of the page where the shop is embedded and if you do like that, you can sell in 2 countries max, that also if you have accounts in both spreadshirt oceania and spreadshirt europe, otherwise it’s just one. But spreadshirt should promote this new way of embedding shops because then the shop owners can sell in more countries using fully translated shops.


Hello Chirayu,

This is what I am trying to do. How did you set it up with your own domain name?

I installed Wordpress and created separate pages for all 18 countries. On the pages, I embedded Spreadshop code one by one. Then I mapped the pages to the subdomains. Then I made a dropdown with all the countries and when a different country is selected, i redirected to the proper country.

Challenges I faced:

  1. If you don’t create subdomains and just create pages, if a user added a product from US Shop to the cart and changed to the CA Shop later, the cart retained the US product and it became all too confusing. Hence, subdomains is the way to go.

  2. The sharing button on the product details page just share the site’s homepage.

  3. If a user is browsing a product and then he changes his/her country, the user is redirected to the home screen of the country he selected, not the product he was browsing.

If there’s anything else you want to ask, please let me know. I will be more than happy to help!

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Does this mean that if I want to have my shop in all those languages I have to create 18 different shops? One in each of those countries and upload all my designs to each and everyone of these shops? That’s great to have the posibility of selling in all those different countries but it’s a hell to maintain all those stores!!
Isn’t there a way to manage all those stores from only one centralized control panel??

Nope you just need to create a US account and a EU account. So you’ll just have to maintain two worlds (and not 18 phewww :wink: )

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Sorry for being late. As Lena has already said, you just need to create two shops, one in your US account and the other in your EU account. If you need any help on this, let me know.

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Hello, don’t worry @Chirayu I haven’t answered to @Lena_Spreadshirt either so I’m bad too :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you both of you for taking the time to answer me. That is great, I do have two stores now, one in the US and one in Spain, and for now everything is working just fine, I haven’t sold anything yet but I guess someday I will :frowning:

But now it comes another question to my mind. When I access my Shop dashboard I get a message like this one:

Which I think is awesome!! But it would be great if that message poped up each time a user enters any of my two stores, which it doesn’t, at least I never saw it in any of my online stores.
At first I thought it could be because I have a strict windows popup blocker and an ad killer plugin and maybe their programming could affect this little message behavior, but I have disabled both of them in both of my stores and I never saw that kind of message on any of them. And that I believe would be a tremendous plus to our stores if the user is given the option to select the store language as soon as he enters any of our stores. Besides, I haven’t seen either the option to switch to another language at the bottom like in the Spreadshirt site.

Probably that is because I have the stores embeded in my site using the piece of javascript code that I got from my control panel, and I also know that I could program that functionality myself and it’s not that difficult at all. I just thought that since Spreadshirt already has the posiblity to have the stores in several languages, it would be probably not that difficult for you either to implement it live on the stores. I don’t know if I explain myself what I mean.

I think Spreadshirt uses the country selector popup if you have crosslinked your oceania and eu accounts and on shops on spreadshirt domain like and not on your custom domain.
On your custom domain, you can achieve something similar by custom codes. Like at, i’ve installed wordpress and plugins - GeoTargeting Lite and Popups - WordPress Popup. Say for example, if someone visits from Spain, by default the US shop is loaded. However, the user is presented with a popup and asked if he/she wants to visit the ES shop. And if he/she clicks, he/she is taken to If someone visits from US, there’s no popup.

Wordpress as a platform makes a lof of things easier. If you have wordpress installed on your shop, you can check out the plugins I use to achieve the desired behavior. Both plugins are free. If you need any further help on this, please let me know!

Hey @Leo_Panzardo, @Lena_Spreadshirt. I need a favor. Can you guys visit and tell me if the country change popup comes up or not! Thanks!

Thanks for this new insight for me! Is there manual translation needed for ES shop? Is there any manual to follow to create 2 shops as you did?

In case of custom domain is there any way to add a subscription box?

After ordering will customer get the default spreadshirt emails or custom ones from us?

Sorry to have asked few questions together!

It doesn’t :confused: :frowning:


Seems like this could be useful for you, it’s today (30.05.2018 / 06:00am-12:00pm EST):

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Sorry for the late replay @Chirayu, I didn’t receive any notification that you mentioned me on the forum :frowning:

Answering your question, no popup is displayed to change the country when I visit your store my friend. But let me see if I can help you with this.

If you’re using WordPress and the GeoTargeting Lite plugin I guess that probably that is the reason why the popup doesn’t show, because I’m too far from Spain :slight_smile: since I live in Uruguay :wink:. Probably you forgot to add an option for Uruguay on the plugin like:
[geot country=“Uruguay”] whatever [/geot]

Probably it would be better to use a jQuery plugin or javascript code to detect the browser language or locale, instead of a WordPress plugin to detect the user geographic location, something like this:

<script type="text/javascript">
	var browserLocale = navigator.language;
	if (browserLocale.indexOf('es')!=-1) location.replace('');

If you add that code to your US store html head code it would redirect the user automatically to the Spain store, and I believe that is not what you want, but at least gives you an idea of something simple to do. If you need more help with this just let me know and I’ll see what I can programm to help you :wink:


Thank you for this code snippet. The method you have suggested is for sure better than the geolocation method i am using. I will try to implement this on my website for this is less resource intensive and faster. Really appreciated!

I’m glad it worked for you @Chirayu, if I can be of anymore help just let me know. I did implement my store in 18 languages thanks to you, so as you can see I owe you :wink:

If you want you can check out my store here:!/

All comments are more than welcome :slight_smile: