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Philip Rooke

Philip Rooke

CEO, Managing Director

Phil joined Spreadshirt in 2009 as Head of the Sales and Marketing, bringing with him a wide breadth of experience and success in fast-growth sectors. In 2011, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer, with a sole focus on bringing Spreadshirt from a start-up endeavor to a highly-profitable enterprise.

His forward thinking and tireless efforts have paid off: having set the €100M turnover mark as a target from the outset of his tenor as CEO, Spreadshirt will surpass the benchmark for the first time in 2017. Phil initially launched a career in newspaper advertising before changing over to online management in the early years of e-commerce. His twenty years of experience in the new media have helped Spreadshirt become the world’s biggest e-commerce platform for on-person self-expression.

Phil is dedicated to empowering customers to express themselves through creating, discovering, and selling clothing and accessories in an exciting and straightforward way. “When you work with passionate people on things that make customers happy, it doesn’t even feel like work.” This mantra is testament to Phil’s leadership style and dedication.

Tobias Schaugg

Tobias Schaugg

CFO, Board

Tobias joined Spreadshirt as Chief Financial Officer in 2009. He had previously assumed leading positions at internet service provider UUNET as well as DocMorris, Cleanaway, MCI in Germany and abroad. Tobias’ career started in corporate consulting after attaining a degree in Business Economics.

At the core of his contribution for Spreadshirt, Tobias is concerned with fostering the company’s growth by making new lines of business profitable by means of honing the interplay of performance and organisation. The various and manifold experience he brings to the company prove beneficial for Spreadshirt’s finance & controlling systems, business intelligence solutions, marketing analysis, as well as multi-agent-based simulations of consumer behaviour.

At Spreadshirt, Tobias is responsible for controlling, analytic analysis, legal issues, human resources as well as the customer & design services.

Jürgen Gauger

Jürgen Gauger


Jürgen joined Spreadshirt in 2009. In his facility as Global Production Director, he assumed responsibility for the production sites in Legnica (Poland), Krupka (Czech Republic) as well as Greensburg and Henderson (USA). In 2011, he was appointed Chief Operating Officer.

His main focus has always been the optimization processes and consistent quality assurance in every location. This is how he makes sure that Spreadshirt customers receive top-quality products as quickly as possible.

In addition to this, Jürgen has been responsible for global purchasing and assortment planning since 2012. He was the figurehead in the development of Spreadshirt’s own Premium Collection that is optimized for all print methods while showing brilliant print results.

In 2012, Jürgen and his team established a new production site in the USA in a minimum of time. The site’s grand opening took place in the same year in October. Spreadshirt’s fifth production site in Rio de Janeiro will follow in 2015.

Before joining Spreadshirt, Jürgen held leading positions in several companies with seasonal demand, gaining varied experience in securing very high quality standards. Among other assignments, he optimized the development processes at Kodak and the supply chain at leading cosmetics companies. Today, Jürgen’s extensive knowledge proofs useful to meet Spreadshirt’s steadily growing production demands in order to assure the best possible quality standards.

Guido Laures

Guido Laures


Guido has been Chief Technology Officer at Spreadshirt since 2013. Comprehensive experience in the IT sector garnered in several management positions at various leading international companies such as DaimlerChrysler, SAP and Hasso-Plattner-Institute is what Guido brings to Spreadshirt.

Before joining the company, he was a figurehead at Software AG, acting as Vice President of their global consulting sector. In his previous position at itCampus, he was Managing Director of its Software AG branch. At Spreadshirt, Guido is responsible for all operational and staff-related matters of several IT departments ranging from IT service to development. Thanks to his expertise, he guarantees the failure-free operation of our platform as well as its continuous growth by means of optimisation and further development.

Hugo Smoter

Hugo Smoter


Hugo joined Spreadshirt in 2008, acting as Head of Global Marketing and Director of the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) business unit. His direct impact on the company's success and sustainable growth over the past six years have earned him a well-deserved promotion to Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

His engagement in search engine optimization (SEO) helped generate a turnover growth of more than 30% in 2012, leading this channel to become a vital worldwide instrument for customer acquisition.

Hugo's first exposure to direct marketing came with the Christian Science Publishing Company in Boston, Massachusetts. His successes with the company in interactive marketing subsequently led him to a role as Interactve Marketing Manager with tech-firm DigitalGlobe.

In his new role as Spreadshirt's CCO, Hugo will be responsible for leading the company to success in its three core areas of focus: Internal and External Marketplaces, Partner Business (through the SreadShop system) and the Create-Your-Own sector (through the T-Shirt Designer).