15 Fun Facts about Spreadshirt after 15 Years

On-Person Self-Expression By The Numbers

Spreadshirt, the self-expression global e-commerce company takes a fond look back at their 15 years as an enterprise, with 15 fun facts that show how far and wide the print on-demand apparel and accessory business has grown. While the humble t-shirt remains a staple in everyone’s wardrobe – the designs splashed across them are constantly evolving as the need for on-person expression is still relevant. The digital world has many channels for expression, but entire communities connect when designs are printed on clothing and accessories and worn daily. The eye popping numbers tell the story – Spreadshirt holds the keys to creating the best technology to keep up with what matters most to consumers and keeps their brand relevant.

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Spreadshirt Shares 15 Eye-Opening Facts After 15 Years: logo 15 years Spreadshirt

  1. Don’t fret! Spreadshirt is available globally – with five production sites, 12 languages, and ships to over 150 countries, so you are never without a self-expression t-shirt or iPhone case!
  2. Because it´s more than just selling t-shirts – Spreadshirt is unique and is the only company to offer create your own, marketplaces, and shops. So there is something for everyone to jump on!
  3. Spreadshirt is incredibly keen on diversity, with designers spanning from over 165 different countries.
  4. Spreadshirt has more than 750 global employees coming from backgrounds across 39 different nationalities. Test us with a language and we’ll probably have an employee who can ace it!
  5. Keep calm and coffee on! 45,996 gallons of coffee have been consumed at Spreadshirt over these 15 years – enough to fill nine trucks.
  6. An area the size of downtown Chicago (22m sq. ft.) could be covered with the shirts that Spreadshirt has printed.
  7. 4,300 tons of cotton have been used in all of the Spreadshirt shirts printed – an amount equal to the weight of 120 Brachiosaurus’.
  8. Australia has a population of 23.78 million people – with over 26 million products sold, Spreadshirt has produced more than enough to clothe the entire continent.
  9. Spreadshirt will deliver as far as it takes – even the 11,123 miles it took to get to a destination in the Cook Islands.
  10. There are seven sextrigintillion ways to combine designs, products and colors at Spreadshirt. Try googling that number!
  11. One customer actually found a way to put 120 designs on a single t-shirt – mostly featuring camels!
  12. Talk about a successful company – Spreadshirt started out with a mere 3,566 designs uploaded in 2002, to date Spreadshirt has printed over 4.1 million items and hit global revenue of $102 million after 15 years.
  13. At one point in June of 2017, the Spreadshirt community uploaded 43,349 designs in a single day including political, pop culture, and summer themed creations
  14. In 2008, Spreadshirt declared June 21st as International T-Shirt Day, otherwise known as the summer solstice. It is the longest day of the year and marks the beginning of summer (and so the beginning of non-stop t-shirts wearing).
  15. The Spreadshirt door is always open for their furry friends – there are nine regular office dogs across all workplaces.

Spreadshirt has stayed hyper focused on their mission to provide a space for people to create, buy and share their ideas on clothing and accessories. This has fueled their success to continually move in an upward direction and remain profitable since 2010 while other competitors shrinking. The innovators at Spreadshirt are eager to see what the next 15 years will bring to the enterprise and plan to set the pace for how technology will power the print on demand clothing and accessory world in ways that are not yet imagined.

logo Spreadshirt self-expression gloab ecommerce companyThe evolution of the Spreadshirt logo parallels their growth as a business, beginning with the “Spreadshirt Lady” to a fingerprint, and now the “Spreadshirt Love Tab.” It represents their everlasting commitment to their global and loyal customer-base. The heart is a visual symbol of their promise to surprise and delight global communities as the go to brand for print on demand clothing and accessories for sharing passions.

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