Angry Birds, RuneScape and iJustine Among Spreadshirt’s Top Shop Partners

Gamers and YouTubers are Master Marketers of their Domains

Boston – 02.03.2011 – If you ever wondered how YouTubers are monetizing their channels or how gamers are taking advantage of multi-player popularity, you need look no further than Spreadshirt. Spreadshirt is a leading online platform for creating, buying and selling individual me-shirts and other customizable apparel–and savvy online brands like Angry Birds, RuneScape, iJustine and “web celeb” The Wheezy Waiter–are now using the t-shirt as a key element of their marketing plan to make money and/or interact with their communities in a very personal way.

YouTubers, entrepreneurs, organizations, and major brands are leveraging the Spreadshirt platform to open their own free and independent online shop where they create and sell custom t-shirts and other clothing or accessories with their designs, logo or text. Embedding the shop in a website or blog and the use of social networking tools allow shop partners to reach their community and fan base, providing them with customized products they identify with and love to wear.

Creating brand advocates through an iconic piece of clothing—the T-shirt—adds viral dimension to any marketing campaign and allows savvy marketers a new way to connect their content with consumers offline. Brands can easily open a customized Spreadshirt shop, risk-free, at no cost to them—and the rewards are infinite.

Top Spreadshirt Gaming and YouTube Shop Partners include:

Angry Birds, the hottest mobile games on the market, now sell t-shirts globally and is one of Spreadshirt’s top 5 shop partners. Since opening the shop in March of 2010, Angry Birds has received over 170K visitors and Angry Bird tees are fast becoming one of the most popular shirts on the market.

RuneScape, one of the most popular multiplayer computer games by Jagex, has sold almost 2,000 shirts and received over 385K visitors since December 2010–putting their shop in Spreadshirt’s top 10 globally.

iJustine is an amazing vlogger/youtuber who has also found success on television. Justine not only uses her videos to do good things for many organizations, she is also a huge fan of Apple products. You will see Justine as one of many waiting in line for new releases for Apple products. iJustine’s youtube page features over 1 Million subscribers and since Janurary 2010 she has sold 1000’s of shirts.

Toby Turner, aka Tobuscus, a YouTube standup comedian, song writer and actor who also reviews video games and talks about his life, has over a million subscribers across 3 channels. Since April 2010, his Spreadshirt shop has sold over 2,000 shirts and received almost 300K shop visits.

Wheezy Waiter, a waiter with asthma Craig Benzine, aka The Wheezy Waiter, is now a “web celeb” with over 270,000 subscribers who love his offbeat humor and his beard. His subscribers are known as beard lovers. He is now earning enough money from his videos and Spreadshirt shop that he has quit his job as a waiter. He appeals to both men and women 18-30 and has sold thousands of shirts with his signature beard design. Since January 2010 he has had over 170K shop visits.

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