Consumers Answer the Question “Who Do You Love?”

Spreadshirt reveals most popular words following “I Heart”

Boston, August 19th 2010 – Spreadshirt, a leading online platform for creating, buying and selling “me-shirts”–stylish conversation-starters that people love to wear–has revealed some interesting insight into how consumers are choosing to express themselves during the steamy summer months. People noticed newly-engaged Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky’s pair of Converse sneakers emblazoned with “I Heart Roberto,” after choosing her love on the season finale. In tandem with this trend, Spreadshirt’s top selling design this summer – and most weeks of the year – is “I Heart”. What follows this iconic expression? The following are the top words people associate with their love for Summer 2010:

1. Names – While the names of loved ones topped the list of best-sellers (Mom is the most loved on Spreadshirt fashions), Bieber fever continues as women of all ages declare their love for the dreamy tween.

2. Places – Cities and sights fall next on the list of what people love to show they love. Nashville residents displayed the most hometown pride, followed by Washington and New York – the latter a true icon for the “I Heart” trend.

3. Things – The eclectic choices for this category, which range from “I Heart Dorks” to “I Heart My New Hip,” are evidence that people aren’t afraid to express their unique personalities via their tees. Customers also have a place in their heart for animals, especially cats and cougars. (Although we suspect the latter is referring to 35+ females on the prowl – not the mountain lion.)

“I have ‘I heart books’, ‘I heart decisions’, and ‘I heart New Hampshire’ on my shirts,” said Jana Eggers, CEO Spreadshirt. “The conversations started with this iconic expression are fun. This is why people love expressing what they love — it identifies who they are!”

And what are they wearing this expression on? In this case, their heart is not on their sleeves. Sales over the Summer have shown an increase of 67% in tank top sales, with camisole tops (+27%) and spaghetti strap tanks (+26%) among the most popular styles. So, customers have moved the heart from their sleeve and are proudly now wearing it on their chests to shout the answer to the question, “Who do you love?”

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