From Frigthening to Fashionable Presents the Top Tips for Celebrating Halloween in Style

September 29th 2010 – Shouldn’t wear your sexy Super Woman get-up to the annual office Halloween party? Prefer to look chic – not scary – for the October 31st festivities? Spreadshirt a leading online platform for creating, buying and selling “me-shirts”–stylish conversation-starters that people love to wear—is offering the top trends for Halloween 2010 for style-conscious partygoers and trendy trick-or-treaters.

“This year’s big costume trends include modern day vampires, Lady Gaga-inspired get-ups, top blockbuster movie references, and 80’s-inspired costumes,” said Spreadshirt’s Trend Expert, Kristina Michniak. “Spreadshirt always makes it fun and easy for trick-or-treaters of all ages to customize their own stylish take on the latest trends.”

Spreadshirt recommends the following tips for perfecting your look, while still looking fun & festive for the holiday:

1. Ghosts Can Be Girly – It doesn’t have to be all about blood, guts & gore. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a feminine color into your Halloween-wear with a color like pink or purple, or opt for details like a heart-shaped spider web.

2. Pumpkins Are So Predictable – Instead of the ubiquitous plastic jack-o’-lantern, put your trick-or-treat loot in a reusable tote bag made of organic cotton as a stylish and eco-friendly alternative.

3. Opt for a Classic Tee – Cheeky and fun, costume tees are a great way to be festive, without looking freaky. Go for a belted waist with ribs.

4. Don’t Forget Fido – Your stylish sidekick shouldn’t go without a festive accessory. We suggest a bandana with a design to reflect their own little personality.

Beginning October 1, 2010, Spreadshirt will offer 15% off all orange, black and white apparel for your trick-or-treating ensembles with the coupon code “october2010”. The promotion will run through October 26th and requires a minimum purchase of $30.

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