Millions of Baseball Fans Across America Gearing Up for the Pennant Race

Spreadshirt Gives Fans Opportunity to Express Themselves 24/7, 365 Days a Year

08.16.2011– Baseball is a shared passion amongst millions of Americans and this is the time of year when fan appreciation reaches a fever pitch. You begin to notice more people on the streets sporting shirts, hats, shorts—virtually any clothing or accessory—with their favorite team or player proudly on display. As the season heads into the race for the pennant and the ultimate prize, Spreadshirt makes it easier than ever to personalize your own “shout-outs” — before, during and after the World Series champions have been crowned.

Spreadshirt, the leading multi-channel clothing-commerce platform, lets you express yourself in a way that’s as unique to you as your own style. Mark Venezia, Spreadshirt’s VP Global Sales & Marketing says, “What you wear to a game can foster camaraderie in a social setting and can be a great conversation starter when you’re just out and about.”

Here are some thought-provoking rivalries and fun facts to help inspire your creativity:

  • Boston vs. New York is the greatest rivalry in baseball. The ubiquitous “[Insert Team Name] Suck” is always a popular chant, but don’t limit yourself there—insert any team you feel that way about.
  • Tampa Bay fans rarely fill the stadium so why not shame them into it with a shirt that says, “Tampa Bay Fans Are Like an Old Bra —No Support.”
  • The LA and San Francisco rivalry is both fierce and competitive. LA fans could poke fun at San Francisco’s first baseman with a trash-talkin’ tee stating “Pandas Belong in the Zoo,” a jab at the first baseman’s “panda” moniker.
  • Although Pittsburgh has not made the playoffs in 19 years, they’re making a run for it this year. Local artist, Wiz Khalifa’s Pittsburgh anthem Black and Yellow would look cool on a tee…“Uh Huh, You Know What It Is”.
  • “102 Years and Counting” is a fan favorite for St. Louis fans to wear to the series against Chicago who has not won a World Series in over a century—and it looks like the streak could continue to 103.

Get the kids involved. Let the Spreadshirt platform take you and your family into the home stretch with customized T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and more. A personalized tee is a wonderful way to create lasting memories and will be a home run no matter which team wins.

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