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Spreadshirt Update Regarding Covid-19

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Update: April 3rd 2020 | 11:30 am CEST

Spreadshirt enacts short-time work

Due to the strong decrease in demand caused by Covid-19 and the resulting reduced order volume Spreadshirt has agreed short-time work with the employees at the Leipzig headquarters from April 1, 2020 onwoards. This measure is initially planned until the end of the year.
In Germany, short-time work is a well-proven official tool when companies want to retain their skilled workers despite difficult economic times. Employees agree to accept a reduction in working time and pay with the government making up some of their lost income.
“Our primary goal is to secure jobs and protect the health of our employees,” emphasizes Spreadshirt CEO Philip Rooke. “I am incredibly impressed with the team’s commitment and mutual support in these difficult times. Each Spreadster faces up to unprecedented challenges at work and in private life with great professionalism and positive energy. Together we are working hard to overcome the crisis and return to full strength as soon as Covid-19 is over”.
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Made in Germany: Technology, Products and Software

Spreadshirt expands R&D hub in German headquarters

In the first quarter of 2020, Spreadshirt expanded the machinery at its headquarters in Leipzig and developed it into a research and development hub. Six embroidery machines and the Kornit Avalanche PolyPro were installed. The latter is one of the first of its kind worldwide. This new technology complements the existing machines for digital and foil printing on textiles in the Leipzig location.
Research & Development @Spreadshirt
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“Life is about making a difference” – Successful start of Frankfurter Buchmesse’s CREATE YOUR REVOLUTION campaign

CREATE YOUR REVOLUTION Talks inspires the audience with stories of revolution, activism and positive change

While the UK is planning its withdrawal from the European Union, Germany is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The 71st Frankfurter Buchmesse (16-20 October 2019) is taking place against the background of global political and social upheavals worldwide. What role does culture play in dynamic times like these? And why is culture more important than ever, given the current situation of global warming and unstable world politics? These are the core topics of CREATE YOUR REVOLUTION (CYR), the campaign by Frankfurter Buchmesse in cooperation with the United Nations (UN), ARTE, the German Publishers & Booksellers Association, THE ARTS+/B3 and Spreadshop. These topics were also the focus of the CYR Talks taking place at Frankfurter Buchmesse on October 16th.

Spreadshirt CEO Philip Roooke at the Create Your Revolution Talks

Spreadshirt CEO Philip Rooke talked about empowering activists to express themselves with Spreadshop.

“The CREATE YOUR REVOLUTION Talks was a fantastic evening with extraordinary talks from around the world”, is John Kampfner’s summary. The former Chief Executive of the Creative Industries Federation and TV-Journalist Nazan Gökdemir moderated the event which celebrated freedom of expression, creative change and a better world. During the three-hour event, cultural activists from all over the world inspired the audience with personal stories and ideas for the future of democracy and culture. Phyllis Omido, Environmental activist and Founder of The Center for Justice, Governance, and Environmental Action, called on the audience for worldwide support for one another: “We share a planet and whatever happens in Africa has an impact in Europe – let’s support each other.” But the evening not solely presented outstanding fighters for worldwide change passionately discussing their ideas, the event also included expressive performances. Corey Scott-Gilbert showed an extract of Sasha Waltz’ dance performance “Creature”.

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