Sixth Annual International T-Shirt Day Celebrates The Most Universal Fashion Garment Of The Decade

My Shirt, My Voice theme of 2013

Boston, MA – June 18, 2013 – Spreadshirt celebrates June 21st, the first day of summer and the longest day of the year with the 6th annual International T-Shirt Day; giving every t-shirt fan a chance to express and celebrate their love of the iconic tee.

With the motto “My Shirt, My Voice”, T-Shirt Day celebrations in 2013 will be all about showing how t-shirts speak for their wearers. T-shirt lovers worldwide are called on to share their love of the tee via social media, DIY events, and get-togethers. Spreadshirt provided an inspirational tool kit with lots of ideas and how-tos for the special day. Everyone is also invited to submit their t-shirt story to the official t-shirt-stories blog – there’s a story and a voice behind every single shirt out there to mark the next century of t-shirt history.

Phil Rooke, CEO, of Spreadshirt notes,“The inspiration to create and launch International T-shirt Day came five years ago from our observation that consumers and organizations love to express themselves on this wearable medium. The T-shirt is an iconic fashion staple that allows anyone to show and share their passion. It makes perfect sense to hold this cheerful event on the first day of summer on the longest day of the year to allow every t-shirt fan the chance to celebrate their love of the tee and showcase a shirt in their own voice and in their own unique way.”

Current and previous t-shirt day supporters include Spreadshirt, Streetshirts, Cafepress, laFraise, T-bar, American Apparel, Continental Clothing, Bella, Gildan, T-Shirt Pow Wow, Cafe Shopper, T-Shirt Customization. The day is all about celebrating the tee, telling and swapping t-shirt stories and photos in a virtual day of fun with an easy to use toolkit to make it a truly global celebration. Fans are encouraged to publicize the event, promote it, and throw their own unique parties. A “Who is the loudest” contest,will run on for Spreadshirt shop partners with customers sharing photos and links to the shop through June 26th, with the winner receiving a unique lucrative promotion. As the day is all about the t-shirt, external partners are invited to take part in this fun kick off to summer virtual event.

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