Spreadshirt Ditches Boring Label by Adding Color and Style to Collection

More fashion forward, colorful products in pipeline for 2017

Spreadshirt, the e-commerce platform for spreading ideas on something tangible, proudly announces the latest enhancements to their award winning Spreadshirt Collection of ethically made apparel. The Spreadshirt Collection is the only range of clothing and accessories designed by printers for printers. The line of apparel is specifically optimized for print on demand with brilliant colors, is ultra durable, and is recognized as a consistently superior product. After debuting four years ago, the Spreadshirt Collection boasts the highest customer retention rate within the company’s product range and represents an impressive one-third of all Spreadshirt sales.


Contrasting neck tapes were added for better brand recognition and a unique look.

Unlike global competitors, who are forced to rely on limited suppliers, Spreadshirt proactively planned to curate and source their own high quality collection. This unique strategy has removed much of the uncertainty and quality issues that can result from dependence on external sources during unpredictable market conditions. Spreadshirt will continue to introduce additional fashion-oriented products to the line throughout this year that go far beyond the classic hoodie or t-shirt. The fun, stylish, and colorful new additions will all be marked by a fully traceable bar code, allowing the customer to see where and how the product was made. The Spreadshirt label is a proud symbol of quality, responsibility, and integrity that allows loyal customers to wear it with pride, inspiring partners to share great creative designs. The popular collection provides consistent colors and quality across any size range for any gender from toddler to extended sizes for adults, which also makes it ideal for teams and group wear.

In 2016, the Spreadshirt Collection benchmarked these notable successes:

  • Added contrasting neck tapes for better brand recognition and a unique look
  • Introduced many new base product options to the Spreadshirt Collection
  • Added a variety of color options based on trends

“Wisely selected color additions are a great way to increase revenue and meet customer and partner wishes,” says Kristina Michniak, Director of Purchasing & Apparel for North America. “In 2016, we added trending heather gray and charcoal shades that proved to be real winners and scored among our top selling shades for women and men in 2016. All shades of dark gray and charcoal have become the “new black” – and these preferences are evidenced in the robust increase in sales. We will continue to add variations of these trendy neutral colors to the majority of our products – as well as infuse exciting new colors in 2017.”

As a key component of the 2017 grand plan, Spreadshirt will continue to add unsurpassed fashion-oriented and trending products to the Spreadshirt Collection. Spreadshirt customers can also expect to see a vast palette of color options added to the product range this year including green and aquatic tones, along with bright shades for soon to be spring. A spring lightweight hoodie for both men and women is expected to debut soon for the change of season. Global shoppers and creators can continue to look to the Spreadshirt Collection for brilliant colors that trend with the seasons and easily find styles with best in class materials that are all ethically produced.

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