The Ultimate Throwback Thursday: 15 Years of Iconic T-Shirt Designs

Spreadshirt Provides Glimpse into Global Pop Culture via Life on a Shirt Lookback

Spreadshirt, the print on-demand e-commerce platform for spreading ideas on something tangible, takes a walk down memory lane with a line-up of the most popular designs from each year of their global corporate existence. With trends and pop culture constantly evolving, the e-commerce platform is showcasing the top selling t-shirt designs from the past 15 years on this ubiquitous wardrobe item. As a global print on demand apparel and accessory platform, Spreadshirt has the technology and history to have a finger on the pulse of what mattered most to consumers as displayed on t-shirts.

“Spreadshirt takes pride in providing an open platform to create, buy and sell printed apparel and accessories and supporting freedom of expression. It’s fun to look back at the most popular designs highlighting important events in history, trending topics, and noteworthy people and celebrities to remember the hallmarks of each of those 15 years. Although fads come and go – capturing the moments that mattered most each year on apparel is truly remarkable. T-shirt designs are as fickle as other fashion trends and 15 years is a lifetime in apparel and accessory products.” notes Philip Rooke, Spreadshirt CEO.

The roundup features the most sold designs for each year from 2002 to 2016 with most popular themes ranging from historic people like Barack Obama becoming the first African-American President of the United States, to fun trends such as “Tebowing” from former Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, and even remembering tragic events like the Boston Marathon bombing with “Boston Strong.” If you are a true T-shirt design aficionado, see the details of each popular design by year in our icons, politics, and gangsta blog.

As the globe thinks it, Spreadshirt prints it. Take a peek at the way we were as a culture from 2002 to 2016 as told through a basic fashion staple – humble the T-shirt.

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