Spreadshirt Reveals Next-Gen Design Tool

Agile Development Team Leads The Pack with Innovation at the Intersection of Fashion and Technology

Spreadshirt, the self-expression global e-commerce company, unveils their latest and most innovative design tool. It was fully developed based on customer preferences; making it super intuitive and fun to create personalized clothing and accessories. This cutting edge design tool enables everyone to personalize a product right from their desktop or tablet, offering new features that were wished for by customers. As the global pace-setter in getting new features to market fast, Spreadshirt quickly assessed what was needed for an improved design experience and rolled it out with a very fast and agile development process.

“The Spreadshirt team stays at the forefront of offering innovative tools for on-person self-expression. Our customers need the best technology that is fun, fast and easy to use to express the messages they want the world to hear. This design tool is focused on the user experience on desktop and tablets. To further engage our global customers, we plan to release another enhanced design tool for smartphones in the near future,” says Philip Rooke, Spreadshirt CEO.

The improved design tool is the newest technical feature of Spreadshirt’s create-your-own business unit, it has been very well received by global customers and the new tool already supersedes the previous touch-optimized design tool. Customers enjoy creating an individual product that they love – often spending 30 minutes to two hours to get it just right.

The most notable new design tool features include:

  • Completely new layout with a hyper focus on the user experience
  • Designed for wide screen use on tablets and modern desktop devices
  • Text bending capabilities and text layout templates
  • New design templates for various occasions
  • Masks and stencils to enhance uploaded images

This design tool is a web application and based on the Javascript framework rAppid.js – created by two Spreadshirt employees. Development continues to be very fast and agile because code from earlier tools can be reused and recombined much like a child’s toy bricks to make new tools with an even better UX. Spreadshirt plans to make improvements in every iteration with their agile approach and user centric mindset. They are on a mission to create the ultimate user experience where fashion meets with technology.

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