Spreadshirt Sets the Pace in Digital Direct Printing

Adds 45 Brothers Machines to Meet Holiday Production Spikes

Spreadshirt, the self-expression global e-commerce company, has added 45 brand new Brother GTX digital direct printing machines just in time to meet production demands during the busy holiday season. This state of the art technology allows the Spreadshirt elves to produce and ship all ‘must have gifts’ with ease, even during crunch time. Customers love the great quality, superior durability, and limitless opportunities for self-expression, with photos and complex graphics that can now be created with these digital printing machines.

Digital direct printing at Spreadshirt with Brother GTX machine

Jürgen Gauger, COO of Spreadshirt, shares, “We invested $1.4M into the Brother GTX printers and we are excited about the implementation of these machines. There are now 14 being used throughout our U.S. production facilities in Henderson, NV and Greensburg, PA. In these facilities, 75% of all designs are currently printed using the digital machines. We are planning to increase the digital direct printing share to nearly 100% in the future.”

The Brother GTX machines offer up notable competitive advantages:

  • Ability to easily move around machines on the production floor with the very small and flexible size for any new configuration
  • Readily available from the manufacturer if further scale up is needed
  • Multiple machines allow for redundancy if another machine breaks down
  • Maintenance of the new printers is easy and can be handled in-house
  • Available for multiple file formats: .png (recommended), .jpg, .bmp, or .gif

The addition of the 45 digital direct machines and superior technological advancements, puts Spreadshirt in a good position to manage future growth, accelerate production, and speed up orders to arrive at the customer’s doorstep at an even faster rate. Spreadshirt knows that winning the market share in the global e-commerce market is a direct result of fast turnaround of customer orders and rapid delivery of high quality products.

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