Spreadshirt Sets The Pace For Keeping Data Safe

Global CTO adheres to the highest data privacy standards to protect everyone

Data privacy in online shopping is a huge concern for global consumers as data breaches continue to dominate the headlines on a daily basis. The height of holiday shopping is around the corner and savvy online shoppers need to be assured that their data stays protected. As a German based online enterprise for over 15 years, Spreadshirt has a solid track record of complying with the strictest data privacy regulations for global shoppers. In the EU, data privacy is a basic right and therefore, its many data privacy rules and regulations are reviewed all at once and harmonized across all EU countries. However, in the US, rules can come from 50 states and the federal government, resulting in a patchwork of regulations. Ultimately, if a company adheres to EU regulations, they will oftentimes exceed the data privacy standards in the US.

Spreadshirt’s protocol for protecting sensitive information is very strict; both a data security officer and a security engineer in the IT development department constantly work on enforcing and improving the data security of the platform. Procedures are continually in place and updated for best practices in handling any breaches involving technology, legal and communications departments. To further lock down protection, all data is stored in a Spreadshirt-dedicated data center in North America, as well as Germany.

“As a German-based company, Spreadshirt has been applying German security standards to all policies since day one. Protecting our customers from any potential breaches and ensuring that their data is protected regardless of the country they are shopping in or shipping to is a top priority,” says Guido Laures, Chief Technology Officer at Spreadshirt. “We are also mindful of how we use customer data since some really enjoy the personalized shopping experience but others are turned off if they feel a big brother experience by providing personal data. It is a fine line that we take seriously at Spreadshirt.”

The future of global e-commerce and escalating concerns about data privacy will only accelerate the need to come up with strict rules and regulations and enforce them. Online shopping and global delivery will increase in popularity every year when it is balanced with a safe and enjoyable customer experience.

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