Spreadshirt to Create T-Shirt Seller Millionaires this Year

New Commission Model Spreads American Dream

Spreadshirt, the e-commerce platform for spreading ideas on something tangible, today announces that the commission model implemented in mid 2016, will allow Sellers to earn over $1 million per year selling t-shirts and other merchandise. The new commission structure is highly incentivized for Sellers based on volume, allowing them to earn over 60% of the product price. The unsurpassed Spreadshirt commission is especially appealing to entrepreneurial U.S. Sellers. Given the larger U.S. market size, Spreadshirt expects top Sellers to eclipse their European counterparts and earn over $1 million per year in 2017.

First introduced in May 2016, the commission model allowed leading Sellers to earn $800,000 through Spreadshirt’s platform services and the shop system, despite the commission structure only in place for the second half of the year. With the top 20 international earners averaging over $160,000 last year, Spreadshirt’s unprecedented platform is extremely appealing to Sellers as they can build their own brand.

“Spreadshirt is about enabling Designers, Entrepreneurs and Social Media Influencers to make money from their designs and audiences. We became one of the biggest global platforms in the market by empowering our Sellers to make serious money with our services,” says Philip Rooke, CEO of Spreadshirt. “Now we have made our commission structures higher than any of our major competitors and the race is on to see which Sellers will become the first T-Shirt Millionaires.”

Spreadshirt surpasses the competition on several levels:

  • Most aggressive commissions: Potential to earn up to 60% of product price (20% in affiliate commission, 40% in volume commission) plus design price
  • No upfront costs, stock risk, or minimum order sizes for Sellers
  • Widest range of base products, sizes, and colors for printed ideas
  • Only international platform offering access to 18 countries, 12 languages, 11 currencies, with delivery to 200 countries
  • Top selling ideas can even be listed on Amazon and eBay

Spreadshirt is the best print on demand platform to put money in a Seller’s pocket fast with regulated product prices and a combination of design price earnings and commission. Their model is simply the best for high earnings potential as it rewards volume. In addition, ongoing enhancements to the new partner area make international publishing of ideas easy and lucrative in 18 international marketplaces and distribution with Amazon and eBay.

Download: Infographic “How Spreadshirt makes T-Shirt Millionaires”

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