Win a Year’s Supply of Shirts on International T-Shirt Day

52 Tees for Biggest T-Shirt Fan; Enter Contest Now to Win!

Boston/Berlin – June 6th 2010 – Spreadshirt is celebrating the 3rd annual International T-Shirt Day on June 21st, with events in Berlin, Boston and New York. The events are designed to celebrate the unique expressive nature of the t-shirt and are free and open to the public, but if you’re not near one of the host cities, no problem — you can still join in the fun!

Anyone who loves tees — and really, who doesn’t? — can enter to win a year’s supply of shirts, one for each week of the year, simply by telling Spreadshirt how much you love this beloved fashion icon.

You get to decide how you want to express your love; write a blog post, publish a photo and story on Flickr, tweet poetry to a shirt, shoot a video and upload it on YouTube, start a Facebook campaign…show in your own special and original way that you are the biggest t-shirt fan out there and that you have duly earned a year’s supply of shirts and you could be the winner of 52 t-shirts — enough to last you all year long!

There are 2.5 conditions to follow:

1. Publish your entry by June 23rd, 2010
2. Participants must use the hashtag #tshirtfan2010 so we can find your entry
2.5 If you are planning to do something on Facebook, please leave a link in a comment on our T-Shirt Day Fan Page – otherwise, we might not be able to find your submission.

All other submissions that you add to a blog, Twitter, Flickr or YouTube will be found by searching for the term #tshirtfan2010. That means that you will automatically take part in the promotion by using that tag to your post, photos or videos. If you want, you can also let us know about your submission (e.g. by adding a comment in the blog).

Who wins?
The biggest t-shirt fan wins! If there are more than a few candidates who have earned this title (which we expect there to be), those candidates will be featured in the Spreadshirt blog and on the Facebook page and a decision will be reached one week after T-Shirt Day. Spreadshirt will then contact the winner personally and make an announcement in the blog.

Who provides the T-Shirts?
Spreadshirt, laFraise and CafePress have vouched for 52 shirts. If you have a t-shirt brand and would like to add even more shirts to the winner’s pile, feel free to contact Spreadshirt and join in on the fun.

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