100 Days of School Shirts: Celebrate First Accomplishments

100 days of school shirt to celebrate

The first 100 days of school are surely a very exciting time in the life of a child. No matter if they just started elementary school or high school, surviving the first 100 days of school is certainly worth celebrating. And what better way is there to commemorate this than with a picture of your child, wearing a 100th day of school shirt? Of course, we know that your high schooler will most probably run to the hills before letting you put a 100 days of school shirt on them, but at least the little ones don’t run that fast, so you can go crazy on this day and they won’t call you embarrassing. Thankfully, Spreadshirt has a great collection of kids’ t-shirts especially for this occasion. Well, not for being embarrassing, just for celebrating 100th day of school shirts. With soft fabrics, bright hues and cute colorful designs they will undoubtedly become the little ones’ favorite very fast. Get them their new favorite 100 days of school shirt now!

100th day of school shirt ideas for teachers, parents and students

The first 100 days of school are exhausting not only for the kids, but especially for the parents and teachers. Wear something special too for this unique milestone. If you are a teacher who has survived the first 100 days with his little pupils then check out our Marketplace, as it has many awesome teacher t-shirts that will add a little humor to your undeniably stressful days. As a parent you can proudly wear a 100th day of school shirt to pick up your little one on this day. You probably won’t be the only parent doing that. But if you pick a t-shirt from Spreadshirt, you will surely be the coolest! And after conquering the first 100 days the time will fly so fast that you will soon be looking for senior class shirts. Sigh. But until then, enjoy it while it lasts and check out our 100 days of school shirts!