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Printing costs for text and designs

A simple print (a design or text) costs $3.00. Compared to the product costs, the printing costs are the same for every end customer.

Your Print Price  
Design or text with plot print, one color $3.00

(each additional color: $2.50)

Design or text with plot print, two colors $5.50
Design or text with plot print, three colors $8.00
Digital Direct $4.50

(each additional digital direct print,
e.g. on the back: $4.50)

Design with thermal sublimation $3.00

Please note: There is an additional cost for designs that originate from the Marketplace, which is determined by the designer's commission.


We have put together an example in plot print with a design that has been taken from the Marketplace:


A Spreadshirt product...Price

Men's Premium T-Shirt$14.20

...with a front side design...

design basic price:$3.00

design commission:(What is this?)$1.50

...and up to 5 lines of text on the back.

3 lines of red text$3.00

2 lines of black text$2.50

Total Cost (gross):´$24.20

You can learn more about printing costs here.

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