What is the Spreadshirt Marketplace and what can I do there?

The Spreadshirt Marketplace is our shopping mall where you can find the shirts that you have always been looking for. Every product here is designed by our community and anyone can participate.

Here is how the Marketplace works:

Contribute your work: Upload your own designs in your user area Your Account. As soon as your design has been cleared by Spreadshirt's Graphics Service, you can set a design price for the design that you will earn each time it is sold. Now you can do this:

  • Create products: You can create as many products as you wish with one design and add them to the Marketplace. Every time a user buys one of your products there, the Design price you set will be credited to your account.
  • Offer your designs: Add your designs to the T-shirt Designer. The design price you set up in your user account will also be credited to you if someone buys a t-shirt here with your design. Partners can also use the designs on products in their Spreadshirt shops. If a product is purchased in this shop, your account will be credited with the design price.

Buy: You can browse through the different departments at the top of the navigation bar or browse by topic. You can also enter the word into the search bar to find a specific product you are looking for.

Did you find something? You can order it right away. Simply click on the product, choose the size and amount, add it to the cart and go through the checkout.

Note: you can also modify every product in the Marketplace by inserting text and matching colors until the product meets your expectations. Simply click on the "Personalize product" button on the detail page of the specific product.