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What are the most common errors when submitting a vector design?

  • Only a line instead of a filled in space
    A design is only used if all elements have been converted into curves that serve as an outline. This means that dashes and lines should also be converted into curves or else they cannot be plotted. Whether all elements have been properly implemented can be seen when you view the designs path (Adobe Illustrator) or page outline (Corel Draw).
  • Design has been saved incorrectly
    Vector designs must be saved in the .eps format. Designs cannot be directly transferred as .ai or .cdr since our technology has been optimized for .eps. Additionally, simply saving pixel designs in a vector format is not enough. Pixel designs must be converted into curves.
  • The fine details
    It is necessary to make sure that every object in the design has a minimum size of .06 inches. It is helpful to draw a small circle or square with dimensions of .06 in. x .06 in. and drag it over the thinnest elements of the design. If design element is larger than the .06 inch shape, then the design will be able to be printed. If the design element is smaller than the .06 inch shape, then the design will not be able to be printed.


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