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Specialty flex printing

Specialty flex prints differ from normal flex prints due to the special visual effects in the printing foils.

Special foils

  • Glitz is a very fine mix of the foil color's spectrum, moving from darker to very shiny particles. It shines and glistens intensely, especially as light catches it at different angles. The foil has a slight texture to it.
  • Neon is bright and loud and stands out strongly when compared to flat colors. Neon pink, green, orange and yellow are the brightest prints we offer.
  • Glow In The Dark In daylight it looks like an ordinary white print, but in the dark it delivers its full potential – a green and shiny print.

  • Longevity and durability

      Designs with specialty flex prints retain their vibrant color and glisten even after many washes.

    How do I get the best results with specialty flex?

    • With a strong contrast between print and apparel color (e.g. silver prints on black fabric or red prints on white fabric)
    • With text - the glistening and vibrant colors put a great emphasis on text prints.
    • With small single-colored designs - simple, stylized designs are best for specialty flex, as only one color can be printed.

    What should I be aware of when using specialty flex?

    • The design must be uploaded as a vector graphic. What are the requirements for vector graphics?
    • 1 color per design Which colors does Spreadshirt offer?
    • Especially large designs are not as comfortable to wear, as the flex foil reduces the breathability of the printed apparel.
    • Designs with thin, sharp points should avoid printing on thin fabric, as the specialty flex print foils are somewhat stronger than the regular flex foils.
    • Specialty Flex design elements cannot overlap or touch. The material is much thicker and does not adhere well to itself or other print types.
    Alt Text silver glitter
    Alt Text gold glitter
    Alt Text pink glitter
    Alt Text red glitter
    Alt Text blue glitter
    Alt Text black glitter
    Alt Text glow in the dark
    Alt Text purple glitter

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