How does Spreadshirt make my t-shirt?

From flex n' flock, metal stylus and handcraft – T-shirt production at Spreadshirt

You have designed yourself a t-shirt, chosen from flex or flock printing methods and sent off the order. We would like to give you a small glimpse as to what happens here behind the scenes to the point where your have your personalized t-shirt in your hands:

A detailed look at each step

1. The Plot Foil
First a special cutting machine, the plotter, cuts out your design from a plot foil. Every color is individually cut from its respective foil. Then comes the "weeding". This is where employees require a great deal of patience, dexterity and a metal stylus to remove the unnecessary pieces from the foil by hand.

2. The Raw Materials
In the meantime, our "stock dudes" search for the still unprinted t-shirt of your choice from the stock shelves and put it together with the design. Before it moves onto the next step, we give it a scrutinizing look over at quality control. Everything there? Great, then off to the press with the shirt and the foil.

3. The Press
Now the t-shirt and the foil are pressed together. The pressing process is a very critical moment, where above all a good eye and experience is a must. The t-shirt is spread over the press and the foil is placed on the desired spot. Then it gets hot: depending on the printing method and color, the foils and fabric are melted together at 170 degrees Celsius for up to 20 seconds.

4. Check-in & Shipping
A last good detailed look: is everything there and in the right position? If everything is correct, your t-shirt is packed and given to a logistics service provider, who brings it to you as quickly as possible.

5. And, do you like it?
In short, we hope that you have fun with your new, personalized article of clothing.

Interesting Facts

  • A t-shirt which is produced at Spreadshirt passes through 18 hands before it arrives at your door.
  • Our apparel assortment includes more than 100 articles.
  • The most popular t-shirt is the white Lightweight cotton T-shirt -- a reasonably priced shirt with the classic cut.
  • All together we offer more than 60 print foils (flex and flock). The most popular color is black and the most popular design "I heart".

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