How to choose a design in the T-Shirt-Designer?

Finding a Design

The T-Shirt-Designer offers a "Choose Design" window for all designs available from our community. Every page offers a number of designs, and you can use the arrows to navigate through the pages.

If you are looking for a particular design, please enter a keyword in the search box. Most designs are labeled to help you find a suitable design for your purpose. The small x-button will delete the keyword in the search box.

In order to narrow down the choice of designs, please use the given topics and sub-topics for your selection. Note: If you have already entered a keyword, this will remain active when choosing a category.

Greyed-out Designs

If a design appears to be greyed out, it is disabled and cannot be chosen for the selected product. This may be due to the file format of the design or its size.

In case the design is a photo or some type of pixel graphic, digital printing will not be possible. Unfortunately, digital printing is not possible on every product. Learn why this is and learn which products are available for digital printing.

If the design is too large for the selected printing area, it will also appear greyed-out.

Design commission for sales

Every design in the T-Shirt Designer stems from our Spreadshirt community or our own designers. The users create designs, upload and publish them. The designer specifies the sales commission. You can see how much a particular design costs by moving your mouse over the design in the synoptic view.