How can I sell my own designs on the Marketplace?

In order to place your own products on the Marketplace, sign up here for your free and non-binding account.

Here is how you sell your own products:

1. Create the design:

Create the design: First you need a few ideas for t-shirt designs. Use these ideas to create designs with graphics editing software of your choice. There are a few things to make note of to make sure that your design meets our requirements for printable files. Find out more here.

2. Upload the design:

You can upload your designs in the User Area in Your Account" > "Designs". Note: Designs which will be printed with plot printing will first be checked by Graphics Service for their compatibility.

3. Set the commission:

Once your design has been approved by Graphics Service, it will appear in your Designs overview. Next to the design you can set the Design commission which you will receive for every purchase.

4. Create a product:

Go to the product overview page under "Your Account" > "Products" and click on New product. The T-shirt Designer will open and you can create a new product. Your designs can be found under the tab Designs. Once you are happy with your creation, click on Complete product. The product will appear in your product overview.

5. Add to the Marketplace:

Click on "Add to the Marketplace next to your product and give your product a fitting name, description and a category. Finished! You will receive your commission every time a user buys your product from the Marketplace.

Of course, you will continue to retain all rights to your designs and can remove your products from the Marketplace at any time.

The Design Gallery - a lucrative way to earn a little more

Once you have successfully uploaded your design, you should add it to the Design Gallery. This is a part of the Marketplace and is a vast collection of designs from our community.

If you have uploaded your design to the Design Gallery, it will be available in the T-shirt Designer and can be found under the "Designs" tab. Add your design to the Design Gallery by clicking on "Add to Marketplace" next to your design. Every time a user orders and buys a t-shirt there with your design, you will be credited with the commission. Note: in order for users to find your design, you must use relevant keywords.

We have set up a page for the Design Gallery. Your design will appear here if you have added it to the Design Gallery/Marketplace. Other Spreadshirt Shop Partners can create new products with the designs on this page and add them to their shops. If a visitor to one of these shops buys a product with your design, you will also receive your commission.