How can I earn money by advertising for Spreadshirt?

You can easily earn money with your own website through affiliate programs. Commission generated through website advertisments are awarded to your account for every sale or action, for example opening a Spreadshirt shop. This will be paid by the affiliate network, for example Commission Junction.

Our affiliate programs are convincing with a broad target group, attractive products, as well as high commissions and conversion rates. Earn up to 25% on every product sold!

This is how it works:

  • Register with one of our affiliate networks
  • Choose a Spreadshirt banner or text link
  • Copy the supplied HTML code and tie it into your own page

Clicks and sales are steadily recorded by our partner networks and are normally paid monthly. Among others, we offer affiliate programs for the Spreadshirt Designer, Spreadshirt Sports and for the Spreadshirt Shops. More information about our individual programs can be found here.