Rejection reasons for Marketplace designs

A product which you have created will not be added to the Marketplace if:

  • you have already added that product to the Marketplace,
  • you have created a product with the T-Shirt Designer which only has text,
  • you have taken the design on the product from the Design Gallery (and not uploaded it yourself),
  • you have created a product which infringes on copyright or personal rights, which is defamatory or has ethically or legally questionable content. Learn more about the legal guidelines for designs here.
  • you have created a product with a design that is not appropriate for the Marketplace.

These designs are not deemed useful for the Marketplace and will be rejected:

Highly personal graphics

Please do not upload any graphics files with distinctly personal content. Personal URLs, names or email addresses are of no interest to Marketplace customers.

Low quality pixel graphics

For print, pixel graphics files need to be of sufficient quality. We cannot accept graphics files with insufficient resolution or lacking sharpness as well as designs with pixelated or undefined edges. Moreover, graphics showing a full-area background (covering the whole design) or those with straying transparency cannot be admitted to the Marketplace either.



A holiday snapshot is a great idea for a personal gift, but it isn't really suitable for the Marketplace. Our Marketplace is a platform for designs created by those who have graphics ideas for a public audience. Other platforms offer photo images, but we want to be different. This is why we have to reject images unless they are used as a basis for a a completed and edited design image. Extraction (see below) plays an important part here. A photo is not considered fit for the Marketplace by adding a few effects such as edge-blur or similar.


More than 3 versions of the same design

The more versions of a design you offer, the more difficult you make it for your customers to choose. This is why we will now restrict a series to a maximum of three similar designs. Designs are considered a series if their visual content or their general impression is mostly similar to other designs. If you rotate, mirror or scale the design, it is still quite similar. The same applies to color variations or changing details and arrangements. These don't create a different effect, and your customers can make changes in the T-Shirt Designer (such as adding text etc.) themselves.


All time classics - seen it before, tenfold

We have plenty of heart-shaped designs. And since our Marketplace is a place for great and unusual ideas, we would at least expect an extraordinary heart design if we were to admit it. The same is true for flags featuring a square or rectangular shape, as well as crowns in all of their facets. Also, combinations of hearts, crowns and flags will no longer be uploaded to our Marketplace.


Designs with inapplicable descriptions

If you do a search for 'birthday' and expect a nicely depicted cake, you don't want to find city names, BBQ sets and dodos, do you? It's hardly surprising to get such search results if designs are tagged or categorized wrongly. For better search results – and to improve your sales – tags, descriptions, captions and categories will be compared to your design. Should we find 50% or more misleading characteristics, the design in question may not be admitted to the Marketplace.