What is the Design Gallery?

The Design Gallery is part of Spreadshirt's Marketplace. Here you can find the designs which are created by members of our community. You can use those designs to create your own custom hoodies and custom shirts. These designs are shown in the T-shirt Designer under the tab "Designs".

Here's how you can profit from the Design Gallery:

If you have uploaded designs onto Spreadshirt, you can add them to the Design Gallery and design your own t-shirt with them. Every time a user creates a shirt with your design in the T-shirt Designer and buys it, you will be credited with the design's commission.

As a Shop Partner, you can also create new products with these t-shirt designs and offer them in your shop. You can set a shop product commission for this product. Every time a user buys this product from this shop, you will be credited with this shop product commission.

Learn more about commissions here