Transparent design background

Pixel graphics are used as the master copy for Digital Direct printing. These graphics are printed on the shirt exactly as they were uploaded.

If your graphic contains a background, this will also be printed as it appears.

If you do not want the background to be printed on the shirt, you must crop your design (meaning to cut your design from the background). By doing this, you make your design's background transparent.

faq_freigestellt2.jpg faq_freigestellt.jpg faq_nichtfreigestellt2.jpg faq_nichtfreigestellt.jpg

Most graphics editing software programs show transparent backgrounds as a white-gray checkerboard pattern. If you upload a graphic with a transparent background, the color of the shirt will appear in those areas after the printing is finished.

Note: When you save your final cropped graphic, please choose the .png format.

Most of the other file formats, like .jpg, do not recognize transparent surfaces and give the cropped image a white background when it is saved.