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Fonts in the T-Shirt Designer

This page provides you with an overview of all fonts which are available in the T-Shirt Designer. A complete character set for each font can be found in our Font Book (PDF).

Headline Fonts

These fonts come across strikingly due to their strong forms. They are therefore best suited for buzzwords, slogans and headlines.

The name "Anzeigen" means advertisement in German and this font is actually used often in the advertising industry. Its simplicity makes it easy to read, meaning that every message comes across well, especially those using larger print.

This is a very clear and modern font with comparably narrower character outlines. This font does not appear as heavy as other fonts which are often used for headlines.

Even though Cooper was developed in the 1920s, it is a timeless classic among fonts. Its extra heavy weight causes it to appear robust, however its many rounded corners also give it a soft and comfortable feel.

ITC Machine is straight and precise. It has a serious and cool feeling due to its missing curves, which also makes it a clear and tidy font. ITC Machine also works well on jerseys or sport shirts.

Decorative Fonts

Decorative fonts generate particular associations. They are often used for specific topics and therefore fit graphically with designs and themes which are focused on a niche.

Beluga reminds one of the fonts found in books and illustrations from the Middle Ages. Its scrolls and "feet" trigger associations with Celtic writings, fantasy films and magical spells.

As the name Cutter suggests, one is reminded of hand-cut letters often found on blackmail letters seen in film. This is a striking font with a strong contrasting effect. Note: The print may become heavy if a lot of text is used, as somewhat more print foil is used for this font.

Halloween is our classic horror font. It is most often used for Halloween and costume shirts. This font can be quite effective, especially when the printing foil "Glow in the dark" is used.

Hole Hearted is the best font for statements filled with love - for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, engagements, weddings ...

Jellybaby is a childish and playful font with a touch of retro. It reminds one of graphic design from the 60s, of graffiti or of the bubbly fonts often used in jump-n-run video games.

From LED billboards to the personal computers of the 80s: fonts with pixellized corners and edges have shaped the beginnings of the digital age. The Lomo Web Pixel font reminds one of classic computer fonts, sports results or science titles.

There are many associations connected to stencils: military or government labeling of vehicles and locations, or certain types of graffiti. One characteristic of stencils is that the letters are never closed and have at least one break with the character.

The associations found with ITC Zapf Chancery range from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. It is classically elegant yet easily legible.


Handwritten texts have a personal, spontaneous and informal effect to them. Depending on the design, message or occasion, handwritten fonts can give your shirt the perfect complementary note.

Bello Script is a cursive and relatively bold font with curved lines and scrolls, especially in the capital letters.

The font Comic Sans reminds one of comics and graffiti. No wonder that it was developed specifically for use in speech bubbles. It is very informal, amusing and childish.

Freestyle Script LT is a cursive, informal handwriting which is easily legible.

Kids' scrawl is the best way to describe this font. The Kids font is very legible, despite all of the corners, edges and slips and is best suited for shirts with kids' designs or similar themes.

This extremely elegant and traditional cursive handwriting has a polished feel to it, as seen perhaps on wedding invitations.


Texts which have two or more lines should use simple fonts which increase legibility, especially those which would be using smaller sized fonts.

Nothing was digital in the heyday of this typewriter style. You can evoke an age of police reports and x-files which have made this typeface famous. It's a bit rough around the edges, but it will give a real edge to your messages by alluding to last century's authors.

Arial is a classic and well-known font. It is well-suited for longer texts in a color which contrasts well with the shirt.

Braille is a character set primarily used for the blind which is made up of dots arranged within a 6-dot cell. Texts printed with the Braille font can be felt and read, especially when they are printed using the Flock foils, as this printing method creates a slight relief on the shirt.

PMN Caecilla is similar to the font found on a typewriter. It is best suited for texts which should appear typed or printed.

Eurostile is a font which was developed in the 60s. Its square design gives it a modern, technical and artistic appearance.

Futura LT is another classic amongst fonts. It has a geometrical and circular construction to it and is especially legible for full text.

Indian? Thai? Or maybe Elvish? At first glance, Simran appears exotic and the text is often first recognized upon the second glance. It is well-suited for short texts and larger prints.

The Teknia Greek font is available for the philosophical and Greek amongst us, or those interested in sororities and fraternities. It is perfect for worldly wisdoms, mathematical principles and other clever sayings.


Retro is a look back at styles of the past. Retro fonts are often used when the shirt focuses on designs or styles of decades past.

The font Atomatic LT has a technical feel from its straight edges and corners. The font has a slight lean to the right which reminds one of labels and logos from automobile brands from the 60s and 70s.

If a text should appear futuristic, then Data Seventy Com is the right choice of font.

Old Towne is a so-called "Woodtype Font" made popular by wanted signs in Western films. This font's vertical lines make it also suitable for headlines.


Some fonts are used very often on jerseys and other sports shirts, e.g. for players' names, numbers or the team's name.

Princetown reminds one of high school and college teams. Strong contours and angular, square capital letters look best with short words and large print.

Stop is a very futuristic, uncommon font which has a stenciled, sporty look to it.

Licensing Information

Linotype (LT): These fonts are used under license from Linotype.

Braille: Braille is protected by copyright and used with permission from Duxbury Systems, Inc.

Teknia Greek: TekniaGreek is a free font and can be used without restrictions.

HoleHearted: HoleHearted is a free font and can be used without restrictions.

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