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Creating printable pixel designs (e.g. photo graphics)

For digital print, we need your design (e.g. a photo)

  • in .png (recommended), .jpg, .bmp or .gif format
  • in a minimum resolution of 200 dpi (for bottles, mugs, buttons and phone covers 400 dpi)
  • at a maximum size of 4000 x 4000 pixels (or less, depending on the product)
  • maximum file size: 10 MB

You’ll find the exact size of the printable area in the product detail description. You can always decrease the image size without loss, whereas increasing the size may result in a distorted and more “pixelated” result.


A common desire is to print a cropped element of an image without the background. A white background is not sufficient here as printing the design - even on white products - would result in printing the white area as well. This is why the background needs to be transparent so that our printers will ignore it. Here you can find out how to make the background transparent.

Color gradients

The color is sprayed directly on the product when printed. On product colors other than white, a white bottom layer is sprayed on first. In case the design has a color gradient on its edge, the white bottom layer may become visible in the final print result. To prevent this from happening, please use the “dissolve” tool in your graphics software. More advanced users can also use “dithering”.

Difference: monitor vs print

Pixel graphics in digital print are printed in the CMYK color mode. But your screen displays colors in RGB. This may lead to differently displayed colors. Please be sure to view the color mode of your pixel graphics file in CMYK and RGB in advance.

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