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Increasing resolution / reducing file size

Increase resolution (dpi)

Increasing the resolution of a pixel graphic simply by setting the dpi higher does not achieve the desired results. If the dpi is increased, the height and width of the image must be decreased in proportion to the dpi value. Otherwise, the image will only be enlarged and will appear pixelated.

Most graphics software programs are able to retain the image proportions and recalculate them if one of the values for height, width or dpi is changed. This option must be activated (see screen shot “Increase resolution”).

Reducing file size

In order to reduce the file size to the desired 10 MB, try to decrease the amount of pixels in the image options. Make sure that the dpi value stays the same while you are doing this.

Another possibility is to create an 8-bit color channel from a 16 or 32-bit color channel. This will decrease the file size considerably (see graphic “Change color channel”).

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