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Commission settings

You can set your own commision on products and designs you would like to offer in the Spreadshirt Marketplace or your own Spreadshirt Shop. Learn more about the different types of commission.

Marketplace Commissions

Within the Spreadshirt Marketplace, you can submit your designs and products using your designs and offer them up for sale. Once the design has been submitted to the Marketplace, then you can add on the Design commission. Go to the Design Tab in your account and choose Marketplace from the navigation list at the top of the page. On this page you can create, change and update your commission by clicking on the Design commission field to the right of the design and entering the desired dollar amount. Once the Design commission is saved, all products using the design will receive that added Design commission.

Sales for Marketplace submissions are recorded under Statistics > Marketplace in your account.

Shop Product Commissions

With the Classic Spreadshirt Shop, you can set your Shop Product Commission for each product being sold in your shop. Go to the Products Tab of your account and choose the shop from the list at the top. To the right of the product you will find a field to add the Shop Product Commission for each product. When the product is sold through your Spreadshirt shop, then you will receive the added commission as earnings.

Sales through your Spreadshirt shop are recorded under Statistics page in your account.

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