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Commission taxation

Commissions earned at Spreadshirt must be declared as income. Please consult your tax advisor or the IRS website for more information on how to declare your commission earnings.

Spreadshirt requires Shop owners to provide their complete and correct name (business name for corporations) and address under Account Settings > Member data in their user account. All Shop owners must also supply their Social Security Number or SSN (Tax Identification Number or TIN for businesses and corporations) under Account Settings > Financial Administration.

Failure to provide complete and correct information in these areas may result in either the withholding of a percentage of the commission payout or no commission payout at all until the complete and correct information is provided. By January 31st the following year, Spreadshirt will send out 1099-misc forms for all shop owners receiving $600 or more in commission payouts for the previous year.

The information provided under Account Settings > Member Data must be complete and correct with your tax details for your commission payout. However, it is possible to update your specific shop(s) contact pages under Shop Settings > Contact Information.

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